Sensational Corn Festival 2014

14 Sep

Now in its 11th year, the Latin American Corn Festival held at Britannia Community Centre creates a wonderful Latin American vibe in East Van. The music, the food and smells, the people, and of course sunny weather all come together to build a fiesta worthy of any Latin American location. While the event is well attended, with vendors this year selling out of all their food, is is too bad that more people don’t get to experience this very special festival.

Enjoy the pics below and look for us again in Sept 2015.

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corn 15



corn 19

corn 18







Britannia School / SEGA Girls School Garden Twinning

5 Sep

Britannia School Food Garden has a twin food garden in Tanzania. SEGA Girls School near Kilimanjaro, is a residential secondary school for bright motivated Tanzanian girls who otherwise are unable to attend school due to extreme poverty.

The Sega Girls School aims to equip its students with the skills and qualifications needed to become self-sufficient after graduation. Sega views home gardening skills as essential for every graduate to have, to assist with household food security and self-sufficiency. Additionally, the school itself aims to be self-sufficient through its own businesses and food production.

Britannia School in partnership with the Grandview Woodland Food Connection have helped to raise funds for SEGA and to date have raised close to $2000 through our film fundraisers that SEGA has used to provide training to students on organic gardening skills, the development of nurseries, managing soil fertility and erosion control, agroforestry techniques, double digging, natural pesticides and manure creation and other permaculture techniques.

The Britannia Garden – Sega Girls School Twinning Project will help to broaden student’s perspectives, learning and understanding food growing and food security within a global context. Students from both gardens will have the opportunity to communicate via internet, Skype, Facebook and good old fashioned pen pals with each other about their gardens.

Check out this great video that SEGA ha made for us.

New Community Food Market in Grandview Park

27 Aug

The Grandview Woodland Food Connection is proud to partner with the Eat It Forward Markets Society (EIFMS) in the establishment of a new community food market in Grandview Park. This market has an explicit food access mandate, ensuring that healthy, nutritious, local and socially-just food is available to community members who are struggling financially to become more food secure.

The Eat it Forward Market table will provide organic food at 30% and 80% discounted rates for lower income residents. Individuals and households that qualify will be issued memberships much like a buying club. As such, the market is helping to provide dignified food access by providing food choice, affordability, and organic quality and helping to ensure that all community members have equal access to good food.

The Eat it Forward market will run weekly on Sundays all year, from 11 am – 6 pm at Grandview Park on Commercial Drive.

For more information check out




Food Assistance

20 Aug


SOYL Food Market

14 Aug

This past weekend SOYL (Sustainable Opportunities for Youth leadership) held a food market as part of their summer gardening internship program. Teens from Vancouver schools work in four school gardens over the summer – Britannia, Van Tech, David Thompson, and Churchill where they develop skills and leadership in managing their school gardens. Food sold at the market all was grown in the school gardens. The students raised about $150.

The Grandview Woodland Food Connection is pleased to help support this program and help build youth capacity at Britannia School.





Thank You SPUD

4 Aug

A big thanks to Sustainable Products Urban Delivery or SPUD who have generously helped to support our Britannia Community Kitchens. We have received $250 in organic groceries and produce for 3 community kitchens which has allowed us to have these three community kitchens dinners to be made with all organic ingredients, which is rarely possible with the limited funding available. This past week we cooked African Peanut Soup, Brown Rice & Chickpea Salad, Crustless Spinach Quiche, and Flourless Chocolate Cake with the help of our fantastic kitchen facilitator, Nikoo Boroumand who herself is a certified holistic nutritionist. These kitchens are also diabetic friendly and serve up to 12 families, including children, at each kitchen session.

CK 3

CK 2

CK 1

CK 4

GWFC at Canada Day

21 Jul

Grandview Woodland Food Connection sets up at Canada Day in Victoria Park where we had a chance to connect with neighbors and give away seeds and soil pots with the spin of a roulette wheel.

Can 1

Can 2

Can 3

Can 6

Can 4


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