Le Chou Garden Picnic

24 Aug

Held our 2nd Annual Family Day Garden Picnic yesterday down at the Woodland Park Community Garden where the Grandview Woodland Food Connection, in partnership with Evergreen Foundation help manage the Le Chou Garden. Le Chou is a part of the larger community garden and is providing gardening space for the WATARI Latin American Community Kitchen Group, the Britannia Healthy Choices Seniors group and the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre.

WATARI helped to cook up a wonderful BBQ with Latin American beans, rice, and corn. We were treated with a great Guatemalan marimba group and of course lots of activities for the kids.

These picnics, food gatherings and celebrations are an integral part of our community food programming. As someone noted, our food security work is perhaps most effective in building social inclusion or engagement. This is a point well taken and certainly the foundation of all community development – relationship building and creating opportunities for community members to get involved in community that improves their life situation. This work is increasingly important as our social fabric is unraveling in our hyper consumeristic and individualistic culture. In response, the act of preparing food and eating together is a radical act of building community, of getting to know others we might not normally associate with.

Check out more photos:








Homesteader’s Emporium to Support Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks

17 Aug

We are thrilled that Homesteader’s Emporium has choosen to support the Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks.


Check out all their amazing products and workshops at Homesteader’s Emporium.

Become a member of the Homesteader’s Emporium (it’s free!) and make an impact! 1% of all member purchases will be donated to the Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks to support food-based initiatives, programs and collaborations in neighborhoods all across the city! Visit the Homesteader’s Emporium today (649 East Hastings) for all of your urban homesteading needs.

Garden Smoothies

2 Aug

A big thanks to the VEGA health foods volunteers that came out and joined us at our Garden 2 Plate youth program this past week. With their help we were able to build a new garden bed and plant blueberry bushes, expanding our vision to plant many more indigenous berry bushes.

vega 7

vega 11

vega 12

vega 3

We also tried some VEGA smoothies adding gooseberries, currents, spinach, kale, pursalane and beets from the garden. Justin, one of our youth participants treated us to a variety of great tasting smoothies.

vega 6

vega 5

vega 2

vega 1

And at all our Garden 2 Plate workdays we are treated to a fantastic lunch prepared by our professional chef Anna Bell. The youth have an opportunity to prepare great tasting food, using ingredients and veggies picked fresh from the garden. This week included sautéed collard, green salad with fresh green beans, spaghetti and meatballs, and egg frittata.

vega 9

vega 10


Think and Eat Green @ School: Embrace Change Video

27 Jul

Check out this new video created by the UBC Think and Eat Green @ Schools project. Thanks to a grant from TAEG Britannia Elementary students have actively been working in their school garden. Students have been planting and harvesting potatoes, garlic, peas, kale, lettuce and many other foods learning the full food growing cycle.

Check out Britannia School Garden photos

Environmental Youth Alliance Seeking Support

10 Jul

For the first time in its long history the EYA’s Growing Kids program is asking for the community’s help. Difficult financial realities have put this school mentorship program in serious jeopardy.

Growing Kids is one of Grandview Woodland Food Connection’s most important school garden programs, bringing important garden learning and curriculum to Britannia school and students. In the past four years that we have partnered, we have exposed hundreds of youth to food gardening, opening their minds to new possibilities, knowledge, and understanding that is so critical these days.

EYA is hoping that their crowd funding campaign will be the spark that ignites a new and exciting future for this long under-funded (though incredibly impactful) program.

“It’s incredible to think every seed we plant…has the power to change someone’s life. I know gardening has changed my life, and being able to share this gift with other people means a lot to me.” -EYA Program Participant

Please help and share this campaign and help inner-city youth discover their inner nature.


To view more photos from our Growing Kids program visit:

Eat Think Vote

4 Jul

Dear friends and supporters of Food Secure Canada,

Food Secure Canada is pleased to announce the launch of the Eat Think Vote campaign to make healthy, just and sustainable food an issue in the upcoming federal election.

Together, we are calling for a bold new national food policy that will allow every Canadian to have access to healthy, just and sustainable food every day.

Food Secure Canada and our members are organizing Eat Think Vote events in communities right across the country, engaging citizens and candidates in the federal election for a bold new vision of National Food Policy for Canada.

Be part of the movement by taking action today :

Visit our Eat Think Vote website and join the movement here.
Sign the petition for a National Food Policy for Canada
Share the word on social media
Join or Host an Eat Think Vote event in your community
For more information on our proposals, visit the What We Want page.

End of School – Gardening

30 Jun

As is tradition, we end the school gardening year with a celebration of our work and a salad feast, harvesting the fruits of our labour. Harvesting food that the students planted themselves is an empowering action and important for the youth to see the value in their garden work. Without concrete results, most students would loose interest so it is very rewarding when a student gets excited seeing the seeds they planted grow into food.

This year’s salad contained lamb’s quarter, chickweed, radish,collard, chard, kale, lettuce, mint, peas, strawberries, nasturtium and kale flowers, and a a few store-bought tomatoes, and cucumbers. A chive (yes from our garden) vinaigrette dressing topped it off making a very delicious salad.




A big thanks to the Environmental Youth Alliance and Growing Kids for their support this year. We worked with 4 classes monthly in the garden.


The Biology 12 class made a wonderful thank you card.



Like last year, another class blessed us with a release of butterflies they they raised in their classroom.


All in all a really great ending to a great school gardening year.



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