Britannia School Garden Fundraiser

19 Apr

Check out this great fundraiser.
Tickets only $25 includes 3 course dinner, storytelling, lots of great silent auction items, bar and music
Tickets can be purchased at Eventbrite:
or at Britannia Community Centre
Check us out on Facebook, like us, share and invite your friends:

SAT, MAY 23 doors open 6pm, dinner 7pm
Astorinos, 1739 Venables

School Garden Fundraiser

Transforming Space – Britannia School Garden Podcast

16 Apr

Check out this really great podcast created by Mahin Omar about the Britannia School Gardens. This podcast looks at school garden engagement through the arts. We often bring an arts and culture strategy or approach into our food work which is a great way to engage a range of community members. Art provides for creative expression, broadening our understanding of the role that food plays in our lives.

New GWFC Posters

31 Mar

A huge thanks to Claude April for creating this great series of posters for the Grandview Woodland Food Connection. We have been wanting posters like these for some time to get out in the community to let people know about us.

Poster Food Access

Poster Food Equity

Poster Right To Food

Been Doing Lots of Gardening

28 Mar

With this particularly warm spring, we have been out in the Britannia School Garden alot lately getting it cleaned up, spreading new wood chips, turning compost, digging up new garden beds, and planting seedlings and seeds. Our peas that the Grade 3’s planted in late February are now an inch high. Collard, kale, chard, and pac choi that the grade 3s also started indoors were planted outside last week. The grade 11’s planted spinach and radish seeds.

The students are super keen to be gardening, not like the first year when we started our garden when getting many of them to work was like pulling teeth. They are now used to the garden and enjoying seeing it grow and evolve. They are liking the physical work and just seem to love being outdoors. Go figure… after sitting in a classroom most of the day. Well, we got super lucky the last school garden day. After days of on and off rain, the sun shone through and it was a truly glorious gardening day.







Off the Grill Report 2014

4 Mar


The Grandview Woodland Food Connection is pleased to partner with the Britannia Teen Centre in organizing the Off the Grill Youth Meal Program which is providing nutritious dinners for a group of at-risk youth at the Britannia Community Centre. Food is also served to the community thereby facilitating relationship building between these youth and the wider community where there is a sense of distrust and fear of the youth. A healthy communal dinner program is providing an important anchor with the aim to improve health outcomes among these youth and positive engagement with the community, recreation, educational and service providers through a community-based, intersectoral approach, filling several gaps in the lives of these youth.

Check out the OTG Report

SOYL Report 2014

21 Feb

Check out this really great SOYL 2014 report highlighting the many success of the Sustainable Opportunities for Youth Leadership (SOYL) youth summer gardening internship. During the summer, the Britannia School Gardens which the Grandview Woodland Food Connection coordinates, partners with the SOYL program, piloted by the Intergenerational Landed Learning Project (ILLP) at UBC in 2010 and now in its fifth year. It has been very successful and is cultivating environmental leadership skills in youth, supporting them to transition to a healthy and successful adulthood, developing self sufficiency and employment skills as they help grow our school gardens. We are thrilled to have this program running at Brit helping to connect Britannia and other students to the land where they learn to produce their own food and help build environmentally friendly communities. Students from across the city work in the Britannia, Van Tech, David Thompson and Churchill school gardens.


Evergreen Green Grants Video

2 Feb

The Grandview Woodland Food Connection is pleased to be a part of this video project and Evergreen partner through our Garden 2 Plate summer youth gardening program. This program worked with a small group of youth half time in the garden and half time preparing healthy food from the garden with a professional chef. One of our participants is featured in this video and recorded on a field trip to one of the Fresh Roots school farms at Van Tech Secondary.


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