Off the Grill Report 2014

4 Mar


The Grandview Woodland Food Connection is pleased to partner with the Britannia Teen Centre in organizing the Off the Grill Youth Meal Program which is providing nutritious dinners for a group of at-risk youth at the Britannia Community Centre. Food is also served to the community thereby facilitating relationship building between these youth and the wider community where there is a sense of distrust and fear of the youth. A healthy communal dinner program is providing an important anchor with the aim to improve health outcomes among these youth and positive engagement with the community, recreation, educational and service providers through a community-based, intersectoral approach, filling several gaps in the lives of these youth.

Check out the OTG Report

SOYL Report 2014

21 Feb

Check out this really great SOYL 2014 report highlighting the many success of the Sustainable Opportunities for Youth Leadership (SOYL) youth summer gardening internship. During the summer, the Britannia School Gardens which the Grandview Woodland Food Connection coordinates, partners with the SOYL program, piloted by the Intergenerational Landed Learning Project (ILLP) at UBC in 2010 and now in its fifth year. It has been very successful and is cultivating environmental leadership skills in youth, supporting them to transition to a healthy and successful adulthood, developing self sufficiency and employment skills as they help grow our school gardens. We are thrilled to have this program running at Brit helping to connect Britannia and other students to the land where they learn to produce their own food and help build environmentally friendly communities. Students from across the city work in the Britannia, Van Tech, David Thompson and Churchill school gardens.


Evergreen Green Grants Video

2 Feb

The Grandview Woodland Food Connection is pleased to be a part of this video project and Evergreen partner through our Garden 2 Plate summer youth gardening program. This program worked with a small group of youth half time in the garden and half time preparing healthy food from the garden with a professional chef. One of our participants is featured in this video and recorded on a field trip to one of the Fresh Roots school farms at Van Tech Secondary.

We Are Seeking Volunteers

15 Jan

Are you interested in community food security? Would you like to make a valuable contribution to your community? The GWFC is seeking volunteers to help us with the following tasks:

o Graphic designer to help us design a public outreach poster
o Communications – social media person, video/Youtube, press releases
o WordPress expert for a bit of website update
o Film fundraiser organizers to join our organizing team
o School garden helpers to help with various gardening tasks at the Britannia School Garden
o Chef for our Off the Grill meal program one evening per week starting in May
o Off the Grill youth meal program helpers
o Advisory Committee members
o Sustainer donor fundraisers

For more information on how you can help contact Ian at 604-718-5895


The Grandview Woodland Food Connection – 2014 Year End Report

3 Jan

1The Grandview Woodland Food Connection had an ever growing year with exciting new projects, new community connections, and new learnings. The GWFC is proud to be a leader in the local food movement and most recently joined 37 other Good Food Organizations across Canada who have pledged to work together from a set of shared principles that prioritize creating respectful environments, offering high-quality programs and the only best food possible, supporting community leadership, and working together towards progressive social change.

Closer to home the GWFC has partnered with new innovative programs such as the Britannia Food Share, the Eat it Forward Community Market and Off the Grill and have expanded existing programs which are helping to build dignified food access and strengthen community food security especially for those in our community who are struggling financially. A total of 3,300 community members participated on our programs and festivals in 2014.

We also saw the completion of the report “Who Gets Sustenance: Community Voices Speak about Access to Local, Healthy Food” co-authored with SPARC BC Society and ourselves. This report highlighted several important issues that challenge us to consider this coming year, including ensuring that hard to reach individuals have access to food information, better supports for those living with illness or in isolation, increasing availability of high quality produce and nutrient rich foods, and programming that supports the whole person including emotional, social and psychological well-being.

As always, there is much going on with the GWFC. Please join us in sharing a few highlights from the past year.


Proposed Vancouver Parks Urban Agriculture Policy Review

16 Dec

The Vancouver Park Board is proposing a new policy for urban agriculture to better reflect agricultural activities now taking place in urban parks. The proposed Urban Agricultural Policy will replace the current Community Gardens Policy and guide existing and new food-focused projects in Vancouver parks. Parks are seeking the collective expertise and knowledge within our networks to help guide this policy.

Please visit their website to review the draft of the proposed policy: Make sure to click on the “Share Your Views” blue button on the right panel to submit your feedback (the direct link to the survey is here: – the deadline for submissions is January 18, 2015.

ƒeel free to direct any questions to Parks at

Architects for a Green Legacy

1 Dec

I have been meaning to post this really great video that was made of the Architects for a Green Legacy project from the summer 2013 – a partner project between the Evergreen Foundation, the Grandview Woodland Food Connection, and Streetfront Alternative class at Britannia. It was a great project that saw the installation of various environmental art pieces in the Britannia School garden

Architects for a Green Legacy is a program that works to celebrate the abilities of youth, to build bridges to promote cross-cultural learning, to increase access to urban green space and foster environmental stewardship.

Over an 2 week period, a group of 14 youth from Streefront, representing diverse backgrounds and cultures, worked together to transform the Britannia School garden. What was unique about this approach was that the design process came from the youths’ alone. They decided how best to use the site creatively to celebrate identities and nature.

The project brought together youth’s ideas of who and where they are with action that affirms their local hangout, healthy neighbourhoods and a sustainable society. Skill building, collective decision making, and a train the trainer approach inspired the youth to active involvement within their school community. It also helped develop invaluable skills through training and experience, and bring these youth together in a mutual task that celebrated their shared and differing identity/ies.


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